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Nerve Control Records was delivered into this world on March 2008. It's primary mission, to be a platform for label owner Nervous Systems to release his own unique blend of material. NCR is an exclusive online digital record label concentrating on quality music from the techno and electronica genres.

Site Design :: Nerve Control Records


This site was designed by Gordon Rankine

This main content of this site was written in html with css to control the layout, fonts and colours. All of the pages include some php snippets that control the date, common elements, the upload function and the contact forms. Javascript is also used to validate the contact forms, to control the uploader and icon menu in the footer.


Main Web Design - Gordon Rankine
Nerve Control Header & Logo - Shallowskies
JQuery Bubbleup Menu - Lam Nguyen
Contact Forms - Web-Kreation
Uploader - SWF Upload
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