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Nerve Control Records was delivered into this world on March 2008. It's primary mission, to be a platform for label owner Nervous Systems to release his own unique blend of material. NCR is an exclusive online digital record label concentrating on quality music from the techno and electronica genres.

Demos :: Nerve Control Records

If you are interested in submitting a demo to Nerve Control Records then please use the demo
uploader below. Please make sure that you are completely happy with your demo before uploading.


1. The tracks must be mp3 format
2. You can only upload a total of 4 tracks
3. The tracks must be encoded at 320kbps
4. Each track must be less than 10MB
6. You must have at least flash player 10 installed
6. You must have javascript enabled in your browser
7. You must upload tracks from a desktop pc or laptop. This will not work from mobile devices

Uploader Usage:

1. Click on the upload button
2. Browse to your tracks and select a maximum of four
3. You can upload tracks one by one or up to 4 at a time
4. Once uploaded successfully you will see a "Upload Successful", your tracks are now submitted
5. Click here to tell us about yourself so we know who uploaded the demos
5. If you have any issues using the uploader please contact NCR here

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